The Over Sharing Economy

The Internet is a great way to connect with your friends, family, and your neighbor’s dog. We’re more connected than ever and the newly formed network has sprouted various unforeseen benefits.

While we are thankful for the world becoming closer. More and more apps are overly geared towards sharing. There’s a point where it’s not about helping you connect with other people and more like, “We included growth hacking in our app so you can accidentally share our app to all your friends”. Share, share, share apps have reached a tipping point. Sometimes you just need your own personal space.

Highlighting is a deeply personal matter. Therefore we strive to make your highlights as “private” as possible. LINER is geared entirely towards creating your own personal highlight library first and foremost. Curl up on your couch. Read in private. Highlight in private. Be in your own personal domain.

Happy Highlighting~

LINER — Highlight While You Read

On average LINER users make 50 highlights per week


Highlight While You Read

There’s a lost art of deep-reading when transitioning to digital. The feeling of dragging your finger along pages, the accomplishment of leaving small notes on the edges of pages. A tattered book was the symbol of a well read book. While I would love to carry around 3 hard-cover books, I find that I’m reading more and more content on my mobile.

While you could simply archive the articles that you read. Sometimes you want to archive the “sentences” that you fell in love with as well. Highlighting while you read creates a history of sentences that resonated with you. An actually road-map of the words that inspired you.

LINER helps bring back deep-reading. We help you remember the most important phrases through highlights, we enable more targeted communication by emphasizing and auto-focusing the screen to select passages, we filter out excessive noise so you can truly focus on what’s important.

We’re a productivity obsessed team that is deeply ingrained with digital productivity tools. Which is why you can import and highlight your Pocket articles.

Happy Highlighting~

LINER — Highlight While You Read

On average LINER users make 50 highlights per week

5 Ways to use Liner Highlights

While there are over 9,893 ways of using LINER highlights. Here are 5 prominent examples on how to use LINER.

1. Summarize Content

When you’re bombarded with a giant text of content, you can simply highlight key quotes, important phrases, and notable quotes that embody the essence of the article. Summarize the article in a few sentences using highlights.

2. Save Items from Lists

It’s hard to pass by a “27 places you have to visit this Winter while drinking a Starbucks Frappuccino” listicle. Instead of investing your life-savings on visiting every-single location. Simply highlight the most important items on the list. Highlight 5 items from the 27 item listicle.

3. Understand Technical Documents

Your friend John always sends cryptic messages, that require all your focus and your neighbor’s focus to interpret. By highlighting technical sentences one-by-one you can better understand difficult messages. Use highlights to emphasize a certain phrases, for a better understanding.

4. Emphasize Important Lines of Code

Sometimes you only need one line from a Stack Overflow. Highlight that one line of code you need, so you can easily find the code for future reference. Highlights code within the context of the document for better contextual understanding.

5. Deeper Reading

Simply highlight the text while you read. Dragging your highlighting along while you read long-form content is reminiscent of dragging your finger along the page while reading an engaging book. Highlighting helps you keep track of your position and you’ll also have a nice archive of the text you’re interested in.

Happy Highlighting~