What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?

My answer to What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?

Answer by Minh Park:

1. Working in Uncharted Territory

An entrepreneur by definition works in uncharted territory. We have no idea if people would want to sleep in stranger’s houses (AirBnb), whether people would buy books online (Amazon), and if people will ever feel secure enough to send money via email (PayPal).

While we could go ahead and blindly jump on every micro-experiment. A startup only has a limited amount resources. A feature can be quickly built and fail fast. However, the mindset of the feature is harder to kill.

Does this feature need a bit more time? Have we run enough tests? Maybe we’re just not targeting the right community. In an environment that is based on an uncertain foundation, what we need is more thought, not action.

2. Task Oriented To Do Lists

Being a productivity junkie, I’ve tried various To Do Lists to try to organize the ever piling tasks an entrepreneur has to deal with. First starting with Anydo, moving on to Trello, experimenting with Habitica, and finally testing the waters on Wunderlist.

Sadly, most To Do List are focused on ticking off small tasks instead of cultivating deep thought. There seems to be a greater joy associated to checking off menial tasks than investing 3 hours on before deciding on even creating the task.

Which is why we need to have a To Do List WITH a powerful note-taking application to organize our thoughts. That productivity tool is Evernote.

3. Using Evernote as a To Do List

Of course the first thing that comes to mind is, how do you even create a To Do List on Evernote? You can easily create check boxes using the shortcut CTRL+ALT+C (Windows)

Instead of being confined to columns and tasks. You have an entire blank canvas to organize your thoughts and share notes to your colleagues for feedback, before you create a single task. Time is an entrepreneur's most valuable resource. We can’t waste time on tasks that don’t scale.

4. Feel free to learn more about Evernote To Do Lists here:
How to Manage Tasks With Evernote – Evernote Blog – 6 Highlights with LINER

What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?


How can we categorize web sites in order not to get lost in the web jungle ? Is there an application which may help us to organize our w…

How can we Categorize Web Sites in Order to not get Lost in the Web Jungle?

Answer by Minh Park:

With more than 1 million blog posts publish we have reached peak content. Before when there were only a few websites on the Internet, you can easily organize content.

While Google search is one way to categorize websites according to keywords. Categorization via an algorithm sometimes misses the mark. You want to be able to organize websites your self.

Pocket – This app saves all your articles so you can read them later. Pocket by default cleans all the text into a nice reader mode. You can organize your websites via tags.

LINER – Save your favorite sentences on the web. You can easily save key quotes, article title, original URL. Organize your websites into folders. And export your website data into Evernote.

Evernote Web Clipper – While Evernote is primarily a note-taking app. Evernote also provides a web-clipper that helps you save the page. You can simplify the text for a clean reading experience. One downside is you have to save the entire bulk page.

How can we categorize web sites in order not to get lost in the web jungle ? Is there an  application which may help us to organize our w…

How do you read long technical articles?

How do You Read Long Technical Articles?

Answer by Minh Park:

Reading long technical articles is no easy task. And the bigger hurdle is that you constantly have to revisit these articles over and over again.

You can try bookmarking the entire article via Pocket, Instapaper, or Google Bookmarks. But saving a 3,000 word technical document in bulk is never that helpful. Especially when you’re going through Stack Overflow with over 124 answers!

What you need is a tool that helps you accurately save key information. You can use LINER to highlight the key sentences. And automatically auto-focus to the specified text when you need it.

Here’s an example of a highlighted Stack Overflow Document
java – Why is it faster to process a sorted array than an unsorted array? – Stack Overflow – 4 Highlights with LINER

How do you read long technical articles?

What is the best research tool for collecting and processing web research?

What is the Best Research Tool for Collecting and Processing Web Research?

Answer by Minh Park:

As an online marketer I spend a large amount of my time reading recent trends. Which makes me rely on web collection tools like:

Feedly – For subscribing to my favorite blogs to find interesting content. I find Feedly’s real-time stream of content, from high-quality publishers, to be a better source of accurate data than Facebook’s algorithm.

Pocket – For saving interesting articles that I can read later. The best part of Pocket is that it cleans the text so I always have a consistent reading environment.

LINER – Single sources don’t suffice most of the times. You need to collect and organize references from various websites. The problem with saving bulk pages is that you end with a heap of raw data. Using LINER you can extract key sentences from articles through highlighting. Which you can export to Evernote to start writing based on your research.

Evernote – For actually writing articles. Before I relied on Microsoft Word, but I found the software to be too heavy and not optimized for syncing data online. Using Evernote I can easily write on my desktop and edit on my mobile.

What is the best research tool for collecting and processing web research?

What are the best productivity tool/s for CEOs?

My answer to What are the best productivity tool/s for CEOs?

Answer by Minh Park:

While I could go on and list a myriad of productivity tools. Based on the Pareto Principle (80–20 Rule), one app 20% will most likely contribute to 80% of the outcome. There can only be one “best” productivity. That tool is Trello.

The CEO’s most important function is to have a clear understanding of how the organization is running. Understanding every nook and cranny of the organization. Being a omniscient 10 armed demigod per say. A CEO has to wear multiple hats.

While Slack may be useful for direct communication. A CEO has to be able to see the big picture. Which is why gigantic Kanban boards like Trello are crucial. The CEO should be able to see what the design team, development team, marketing team, and sales team are all doing in what glance.

Don’t believe me? Here’s an article about Trello’s CEO himself:
Trello CEO Michael Pryor Has 5 Secrets for Productivity | Time.com – 3 Highlights with LINER

What are the best productivity tool/s for CEOs?

LINER Featured on the iOS App Store!

Overnight we experienced an explosion and traffic! Our team was a bit baffled by the newfound fame at first. While most Apps have trouble gaining initial traction, ironically we were reverse engineering to find where the traffic was coming from.

LINER was mentioned on a Wired podcast, perhaps that was the reason why we had more traffic? Or perhaps it was the remnants of our Product Hunt campaign – LINER for iOS: Highlight on your iPhone, which ranked in the Top 3 Products that day. Then we realized…

LINER had been featured on the iOS App Store!

While not visible from the front page, we were ranked in the 1st place for “New apps we love”. And not just on the list, but at the very first position!


On the category side we ranked higher than: Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, Google Keep, Google Voice, Docusign, Trello, Cortana, Mega, and Wunderlist in “Productivity”!


While we were all glued to our screen, watching the rank for LINER increasing. We were upgraded from being inside the list, to the Front Page of the iOS App Store! And once again featured at the very first position!


After we were unexpectedly featured on the US iOS App Store, we were also contacted by the Korean iOS App Store and are being considered for the main “Hero Banner” on the US iOS App Store!

Thanks for all your support! Happy Highlighting~

LINER – Highlight While You Read

On average LINER users make 50 highlights per week

How do you convince people to use productivity software?

My answer to How do you convince people to use productivity software?

Answer by Minh Park:

Hard cover books have always been a pride and pain in my family. It’s nice to look at our fully stocked bookshelf with books ranging from economics, politics, marketing, and recipes.

However, a bookshelf is never as neat as you see in the movies. There’s always a random assortment of different sized books with random pieces of paper sticking out. Alongside the occasional boxes of bandages and packs of spare batteries.

There are clear merits of hard-cover books: the feel of information in your hand, the small joy of dragging your finger along the pages, and folding pages to mark your place. Which are all nice, until your parents decide to lug around 4 hard-cover books while traveling and make you carry the backpack.

So how do you convince your parents to start reading on an eBook instead of lugging large hard-cover books around?

According PayPal Co-founder Peter Theil in his book “Zero to One” your product has to be x10 times better. You have to convince people to use your software by showing that your product is x10 times better. If your product is not x10 times better, then the cost of migration will always be higher than the perceived benefits.

The reason why Windows is still a dominant Desktop OS, is because Mac OS is simply not x10′s better than Windows. Therefore Windows users have is no immediate rush to migrate over to Mac OS.

It’s the same reason why we as a civilization, drastically ditched our dear friend SMS in favor of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat.

The same reason why we said goodbye to our dear Nokia phones and embraced the iPhone.

And the same reason we’re working towards making a web highlighter “LINER” that is x10 times better than your traditional highlighter pen.

How do you convince people to use productivity software?