What is truly a waste of your personal time?

My answer to What is truly a waste of your personal time?

Answer by Minh Park:

I used to be glued to my TV. I would obsess over watching the latest episodes the moment they came out. I would treat each new episode like a grand event: preparing my food in advance, buying a bag of popcorn, and making sure there was plenty of beer in the fridge.

Each episode was a birthday, however, I soon found out that each TV show also had a finale. And with each finale I was lost. After you finish a TV season, you sort of just sit there. Not knowing what to do with life. You could try settling for a sub-par TV show.

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And after all those hours of investing in your favorite TV show, what do you have to show for it? A vast knowledge of Wikia Lore? You just end up with blurred memories of a TV show.

I find the best way to get out of your TV watching habit is simply to change your environment. Moving out of my parents house and getting a room without a TV made it more difficult to watch TV shows. Taking on more work made me too busy to watch TV shows. And even if I did watch TV shows, I always felt guilty watching TV instead of working. TV just become uninteresting to me. Nowadays I only occasionally watch movies at the movie theater.

Then again, Game of Thrones is the exception here.

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What is truly a waste of your personal time?


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