What are some of the best personal productivity apps that people use?

My answer to What are some of the best personal productivity apps that people use?

Answer by Minh Park:

I’m a self-professed Productivity Junkie. I only leave the house when I have two or more task to do. I only scale my actions when the outcome is scalable and interloopingly benefits multiple projects at the same time. I automate my tasks using IFTTT. And delegate minor tasks to remote freelancers.

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I’ve tried multiple productivity tools to manage my tasks. As I am obsessed with achieving maximum productivity:

1. I started simply by writing down my tasks on a Moleskin notebook, that would always disappear in a few days. I found that my handwriting is getting worse everyday and I can barely read my own writing.

2. Secondly, I tried gamifying my habits using Habitica (Formerly called HabitRPG, which was the most amazing brand name of all time). Sadly, the productivity tool was limited to daily tasks and it was difficult to see my overall persistence clearly.

3. I tried the great and mighty Trello. We use Trello at the office to manage the big picture of all the independent moving parts. You could see what the designers, marketing, operations, and developers were doing in one glance. So I tried to use Trello for my own tasks, but found the tool to be simply too powerful. I was only using 1–2 features, which made the tool more cumbersome than useful.

4. Finally, I settled on Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a straight forward German-made no nonsense to-do-list. Simply create a task, then check the box once you finish the task. As I don’t have too many projects going on at the same time. Wunderlist provides the perfect bare-bones features I needed.

App Review: Wunderlist is a Cross-Platform, Easy-to-Use Task-Manager – 10 Highlights with LINER

What are some of the best personal productivity apps that people use?


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