What are your favorite startup tools or hacks?

My answer to What are your favorite startup tools or hacks?

Answer by Minh Park:

The deadline for an essay is in 7 days. You spend 4 days hanging out with friends, watching movies, and drinking out. Then you realize you only have 3 days left. You spend 1 day in complete panic. Then you spend the 2 remaining 2 days in heightened state of concentration to finish the essay.

Which of course turns out to be a sub-par essay, because you only spent 2 days writing the essay. It would have been nice if you had that heightened concentration early on. Right?

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My favorite Startup tool is using Forest. Forest is basically a Pomodoro tool that counts down from 25 minutes. By creating an artificial deadline for work, you’ll feel more motivated to get the project done.

Forest is substantially different from Pomodoro in a design aspect (similar to how Apple outpaces Android or Windows designs). The reason I choose Forest is because Forest shows me a tree. And that tree will die horribly and shrivel up if I don’t concentrate on my work. Similar how to running on a treadmill is often boring, while you have more than enough motivation to run when you’re being chased by a dog.

The premise of Forest is simple. Focus for 25 minutes, raise a tree, and build a forest. Literally. If you stay focused for 25 minutes you will greeted with a nice healthy tree.

If you fail to stay focused you’re greeted with a dead tree. And you will feel horrible.  Eventually, you get a nice road-map of your progress. All plotted out in a grid that looks like a forest. It’s also nice that they are promoting the growth of actual trees as well.
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What are your favorite startup tools or hacks?


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