What is the ultimate personal productivity app?

My answer to What is the ultimate personal productivity app?

Answer by Minh Park:

Most people point to pure productivity management tools like: Trello, Anydo, Todoist, and Wunderlist. However, I find that To-Do-Lists are never enough.

They create a false sense of accomplishment, based on how “many” items you check off. Did I walk 17 steps? Yes. Did I water the plants? Yes. Did I say hello to my goldfish? Yes. Did I say hello to my neighbor's goldfish? Yes. None of these tasks are necessarily important, yet you have a weird sense of accomplishment.

Did I write the essay that is due to tomorrow? No… It’s NOT about how many tasks you accomplish, it’s about whether you accomplish the right tasks.

A good rule of thumb is prioritizing your top 3 tasks. Known as the “Rule of Three” you start off each day by prioritizing your top 3 tasks and only focus on accomplishing those 3 tasks each day. By rewriting your tasks, you review the overall tasks that need to be done. And by prioritizing your tasks, you understand which tasks are truly important.

So how do you decide on which three tasks to work on? I find that rather than simply sporadically choosing three tasks. You need to contemplate for a long time and really consider whether these are the right tasks to do at this moment.

Which is why, I would say Evernote is the best ultimate personal productivity app. Not only can you use Evernote’s “Checkbox” feature to create a To-Do-List. You can also organize your thoughts right below the To-Do-List.

Despite various productivity apps. No apps seems to be able to provide a powerful To-Do-List and a powerful writing application. Evernote x LINER: Save Highlights in Evernote – HIGHLIGHT

What is the ultimate personal productivity app?


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