What is the best research tool for collecting and processing web research?

What is the Best Research Tool for Collecting and Processing Web Research?

Answer by Minh Park:

As an online marketer I spend a large amount of my time reading recent trends. Which makes me rely on web collection tools like:

Feedly – For subscribing to my favorite blogs to find interesting content. I find Feedly’s real-time stream of content, from high-quality publishers, to be a better source of accurate data than Facebook’s algorithm.

Pocket – For saving interesting articles that I can read later. The best part of Pocket is that it cleans the text so I always have a consistent reading environment.

LINER – Single sources don’t suffice most of the times. You need to collect and organize references from various websites. The problem with saving bulk pages is that you end with a heap of raw data. Using LINER you can extract key sentences from articles through highlighting. Which you can export to Evernote to start writing based on your research.

Evernote – For actually writing articles. Before I relied on Microsoft Word, but I found the software to be too heavy and not optimized for syncing data online. Using Evernote I can easily write on my desktop and edit on my mobile.

What is the best research tool for collecting and processing web research?


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