How do you convince people to use productivity software?

My answer to How do you convince people to use productivity software?

Answer by Minh Park:

Hard cover books have always been a pride and pain in my family. It’s nice to look at our fully stocked bookshelf with books ranging from economics, politics, marketing, and recipes.

However, a bookshelf is never as neat as you see in the movies. There’s always a random assortment of different sized books with random pieces of paper sticking out. Alongside the occasional boxes of bandages and packs of spare batteries.

There are clear merits of hard-cover books: the feel of information in your hand, the small joy of dragging your finger along the pages, and folding pages to mark your place. Which are all nice, until your parents decide to lug around 4 hard-cover books while traveling and make you carry the backpack.

So how do you convince your parents to start reading on an eBook instead of lugging large hard-cover books around?

According PayPal Co-founder Peter Theil in his book “Zero to One” your product has to be x10 times better. You have to convince people to use your software by showing that your product is x10 times better. If your product is not x10 times better, then the cost of migration will always be higher than the perceived benefits.

The reason why Windows is still a dominant Desktop OS, is because Mac OS is simply not x10′s better than Windows. Therefore Windows users have is no immediate rush to migrate over to Mac OS.

It’s the same reason why we as a civilization, drastically ditched our dear friend SMS in favor of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat.

The same reason why we said goodbye to our dear Nokia phones and embraced the iPhone.

And the same reason we’re working towards making a web highlighter “LINER” that is x10 times better than your traditional highlighter pen.

How do you convince people to use productivity software?


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