What mobile app helps you be the most productive and why?

My answer to What mobile app helps you be the most productive and why?

Answer by Minh Park:

The mobile app that helped me the most is Pocket and LINER.

When I was younger I used to dive myself in books. Spending lazy summers outside reading books while eating crackers with one hand. There wasn’t really much to do about 10 years. Mostly reading books, watching TV, or just adventuring the neighborhood.

And once the mobile and social age started, I stopped reading for a while because I was so mesmerized social media and popcorn content from BuzzFeed.

Pocket helped me gain back my concentration by helping me read long-form content.

Firstly, Pocket cleans the text into a clean unified readable format. It’s hard to read blog posts when each site has a different format. By unifying the format and excluding ads, Pockets provides your own personalized reading nook.

Secondly, Pocket helps you read content later. With more and more content published every day, it’s hard to filter out the noise. Using Pocket you can carefully choose articles you want and read high-quality content when you have more time.

One downside of Pocket is that Pocket is limited to saving “pages”. Saving a 3,000 word essay is simply not useful, when I really only need one sentence from the essay. Using LINER I can highlight and the most important sentences.

LINER highlights are saved on the web and can be accessed from your desktop/smartphone. Your highlights are always saved in the same place, so you can use LINER to emphasize the phrases you really need.

Using Pocket and LINER has helped me read again on mobile.

What mobile app helps you be the most productive and why?


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