What’s better, Instapaper or Pocket?

My answer to What's better, Instapaper or Pocket?

Answer by Minh Park:

This really depends on your use-case.

Instapaper: This app is better if you need to save more text heavy content. Instapaper is primarily focused on saving “text”. Which is why Instapaper provides more options to save text and format the text. Instapaper also uses “Folders” to organize content. So if you prefer folder organization like Evernote, use Instapaper.

Pocket: If you need to save more multi-media formats such as text, video, and images Pocket is the more suitable choice. Pocket automatically sorts the type of content per its format type. Pocket does not have folders and rather relies on tags. Tags work well when you have content that needs to be sorted amongst multiple disciplines.

LINER: As an alternative choice I also recommend using LINER. While Instapaper and Pocket are great for saving the entire articles, sometimes you only need one sentence from a 3,000 word essay. Sometimes that one sentence is the reason why you save the article to begin with. Using LINER highlights you can easily emphasize a single sentence, making it easy to visit the website over and over again.

What's better, Instapaper or Pocket?


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