How Will Pocket Monetize?

Currently, Pocket’s subscription model is a subscription model. You can either pay $4.99/month or $44.99/year (which is about 25% cheaper).

With a premium Pocket account you’ll get a more powerful search engine. Which is extremely useful, because when you compile more and more content, you’ll have to rely on search to uncover your content.

Another feature worth mentioning is Pocket’s Offline storage feature. What happens when you save a blog post and the website itself shuts down? Pocket provides a solution by storing a separate version of the article in Pocket’s servers.

Pocket also has native ads in it’s newsletter and discover feed. Pocket ultimately aims to create 80% revenue from these native ads. You can read more about Pocket’s monetization model in this article:

Pocket’s Next Frontier: Solving The Internet’s Clickbait Problem | Fast Com – 9 Highlights with LINER


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