5 Chrome Extensions that Help You Save Articles for Later

There’s simply too much content. We have reached “Peak Content” where there is more content than we can handle. From the never-ending Facebook Newsfeed, real-time links shared on Twitter, and Reddit’s constantly renewed Frontpage. We don’t have time to wade through each article.

With the onslaught of content, we have to adapt a habit of Read-it-Later. Bookmark the articles you’re interested in reading, then read the article later when you have more time. Instead of having to rush through an article or forgetting that memorable article, read when you have more leisure time.

Here are 5 Chrome Extensions that help you Read-it-Later:

Save to Pocket

Pocket is one of the most well known Chrome Extensions for bookmarking. Starting as a Firefox extension, you can now use Pocket to save articles from your Chrome browser, Android, and iPhone. You can save articles by pressing the “CTRL+SHIFT+S” shortcut or by pressing the Pocket icon at the upper-right corner of the Chrome browser. Each time you “Save to Pocket” the article is saved in the “My List” section. You can choose from some basic background templates and font colors.


Instapaper is Pocket’s twin that is more focused on text. Instapaper lets you know how long it takes to read each article, has more style options to enhance your reading, and has a speed-reading feature for hasty reads. One major advantage Instapaper has over Pocket is folders. You can create multiple folders, name each folder, and organize your library into specific categories.

LINER — Private Web/PDF Highlighter

LINER helps you save sentences on the web. Simply turn Highlight Mode ON and drag your mouse over the sentences you want to save. Most bookmarking tools save the entire page. LINER helps you save the sentences you actually care about within the page. Highlights help you emphasize a single quote, so you can easily reference the phrase when you need it. The highlights you make will always stay in the same location, even if you close the website. You can even share highlighted pages to your friends, even if don’t have LINER installed.

Evernote Web Clipper


Evernote Web Clipper helps you save pages into Evernote. You can choose amongst: saving the entire website, the article, a simplified article, or a screenshot. One great aspect is that you can choose which notebook the clipped article goes into. One downside to the application is that the many features slow the app down. Evernote is primarily a note taking application, you can start writing the article right beneath the clipped article.

Save to Google is a simple read-it-later application. You can save your articles and organize your articles into tags. Currently, Save to Google does not support any readability mode, has no separate app, and cannot save images as well. Save to Google is great for people wanting a lighter bookmarking app.

On average LINER users make 50 highlights per week


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