“LINER for iOS” is Live on Product Hunt!!!

Hey Hunters,

We’re finally launching “LINER for iOS” on Product Hunt! LINER is a mobile web highlighting app, That helps you highlight and save text on the web :)

LINER for iOS – Product Hunt

I find that I’m reading more and more content on my mobile. While I could simply archive the articles that I read, I also want to archive the “sentences” that I fell in love with as well.

What articles I read is a personal matter to me, and it’s important that I have control over what content goes public. Liner highlights are “private” by default, and you can manually share highlighted pages if you want. You can even share highlighted pages to your friends who don’t have LINER installed :0 Check out the highlighted version of “The brilliant mechanics of Pokémon Go | TechCrunch


Communicating ideas online is difficult. Sometimes you have no idea why your friends+coworkers+goldfish share articles with you :/ Highlighting lets you point out important sentences by highlighting specific sentences from a 100 page document!!!

We’re a productivity obsessed team, that just wants to organize the web. Which is why you can easily export your LINER Highlights into Evernote! Highlight your favorite phrases from WaitButWhy, TechCrunch, Paul Graham’s Blog and Wikipedia. Then export your Liner highlights into Evernote with 1-click :)

Happy Highlighting~

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Patrick from LINER

LINER - Highlight While Your Read

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