Highlight While You Read

There’s a lost art of deep-reading when transitioning to digital. The feeling of dragging your finger along pages, the accomplishment of leaving small notes on the edges of pages. A tattered book was the symbol of a well read book. While I would love to carry around 3 hard-cover books, I find that I’m reading more and more content on my mobile.

While you could simply archive the articles that you read. Sometimes you want to archive the “sentences” that you fell in love with as well. Highlighting while you read creates a history of sentences that resonated with you. An actually road-map of the words that inspired you.

LINER helps bring back deep-reading. We help you remember the most important phrases through highlights, we enable more targeted communication by emphasizing and auto-focusing the screen to select passages, we filter out excessive noise so you can truly focus on what’s important.

We’re a productivity obsessed team that is deeply ingrained with digital productivity tools. Which is why you can import and highlight your Pocket articles.

Happy Highlighting~

LINER — Highlight While You Read

On average LINER users make 50 highlights per week


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Patrick from LINER

LINER - Highlight While Your Read

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